virtual business landline

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landline is a phone that uses a metal wire or optical fiber for transmission as distinguished from mobile cellphone that uses radio waves transmission.

landline uses area phone code 015,012, 011, 021 OR 087 for incoming and outcoming calls.

landline is commonly used by businesses, organizations or schools.

virtual landline explained

virtual landline is a cloud -based telephone service that allows you to divert your incoming calls to a phone number of your choice amazing right? no need for telephone device your cellphone can do the entire operation.

when setting up virtual landline you can choice area code of your choice, touch Intel helps clients to link area code such as 010, 015 , 021, 012 or 087 to their cellphone.


The services is ideal for small businesses or start-ups that need to pay less on business calls. small business will use the landline number to put on the company website , business card and advertising on social media platforms.

NO CONTRACT| prepaid

The services is very ideal for small business because not contract, if you are linking landline with your phone using touch intel we require R250 once off fees and the landline is prepaid with the following benefits:


The good news with our virtual landline is the minutes does not expire and it can call all networks.

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